Seller Tips

TOSS IT. Remove all the junk from your garage, attic and rooms that you are using for storage.  Clean out your closets.  This will make your home look bigger.

BATHROOMS.  Spruce up the bath by caulking where needed, then make the tub, sink, shower, stall, commode and countertops sparkle.  Clear the sink surfaces of clutter and get “showing only” matching towels.

NEATNESS COUNTS.  Remove all excess furniture from bedrooms and use attractive bedspreads.  Keep the surfaces cleared.

ILLUMINATION.  Lighting is warm and welcoming.

THREES A CROWD.  Set the stage.  Turn off the TV and have only soft music playing from a stereo or radio.  Good mood for buyer.

ROLLOVER ROVER.  Pets often are underfoot and “nudgie”.  Put them outside if possible.  If not, the smallest bedroom.

SILENCE IS GOLDEN.  Be courteous, but do not force conversation with a potential buyer.  They are in your home to view it, not to pay a social call.

TRY TO BE INVISIBLE.  If you are unavoidably “there” when your home is being shown, defer to the showing agent and try to stay in the background.

CART BEFORE THE HORSE?  Don’t speak to a potential buyer regarding furnishings you will sell with your home before an offer is negotiated.

BE COOL.  Do not oversell.  Your home will go a long way towards “selling itself” if it is what the buyer wants.

GOLDEN RULE.  Treat prospective buyers like you would like to be treated.

PLAY IT SAFE AND SECURE.  Do not show or open your home to anyone who shows up unannounced.  Have them call their agent for a scheduled showing.