It’s An Animal House

In 2016 over 1/2 of US households either have a pet or plan on obtaining one within the future. It’s vital to know the necessary needs and desires of animal homeowners when it involves homeownership. Realtors understand that once somebody buys a home that they’

re shopping for it with the requirements of the full family in mind. Pet homeowners can definitely agree that their animals are part of their family.

Landscape Tips To Help Find More Home Buyers

A functional and beautiful kitchen, flowing floor plan, plenty of storage, and spacious master bathroom will help win buyers’ hearts.

Often before they see those areas, they see your landscaping. It’s the curb appeal that I’m talking about. Some buyers will decide based on the look of the outside of your home whether they’ll even bother to come inside.

Is your front yard is cluttered? Is your exterior paint chipped, driveway cracked?  You’ll find that the for sale sign in your yard won’t attract as many buyers as it could if you spent some time to clean up and create curb appeal.

Luckily, you don’t have to hire a landscape company to come and renovate the entire area. Things that you can do that are fairly simple and will attract buyers.

Pull out dead plants and debris. Removing dead plants, shrubs, and debris will create space in your yard and allow you to find some potted plants to fill in the empty space and bring some color into your yard.

Shipping Container Homes…Yes / No?

Shipping container homes were born in part out of a desire to live efficiently. A skilled DIYer can build a home out of a couple of containers for about the price of a mid-size car. But what if you love the idea of living in a container home, but building one…not so much? Or maybe you’re not so keen on the way the containers look, even if you embrace the idea for other reasons.

With the growth in popularity of container homes, you have options from inexpensive pre-fab tiny units to sprawling customs that bear little (or no) resemblance to big metal boxes.

What Type Of Home To Look For When Aging?

Find A House If You Plan To Age In Place?

  • Covered, zero-step entry. A well-lighted, step-free approach to the house is essential to allow access for wheelchairs and walkers.
  • Nonslip, comfort flooring. Wood, linoleum, cork or even rubber flooring (which is shown here) are good choices for hardworking rooms. .
  • Table-height kitchen seating. Traditional kitchen island seating can be too difficult to use as we age — and the fall from a higher seat is also more dangerous.
  • Drawers and pullouts. Being able to pull out shelves to reach exactly what you need is a huge help, so look for a kitchen with plenty of drawers and pullouts.
  • Ample clearance. Look for a home with plenty of clearance in halls and passages if you want to be able to accommodate a wheelchair or walker.
  • Elevator. A single-story home makes a great choice for aging in place, but if you do go for a multistory home, be sure it has a safe staircase with secure banisters and, ideally, an elevator as well.
  • No-threshold shower. A curbless shower (without a rim or step to get over) is easier and safer to use. Grab bars can always be added later, but if the basic design is accessible, you won’t have to do a major redesign down the road.
  • Main-floor powder room. If the home has more than one story, be sure there is at least a half bath on the main floor that doesn’t require climbing any stairs to reach. Some powder rooms can be quite tiny, so look for a powder room with enough clearance to easily maneuver a walker or wheelchair into the space.
  • Convenient laundry. Having the washer and dryer near the bedroom and main bathroom means less distance to carry the laundry basket. At the very least, look for laundry hookups on the main floor of the house, rather than in the basement or garage.
  • Accessible outdoor space. A home with an easily accessed, no-stairs-required outdoor space is a big plus. Look for a deck, patio or porch with direct access from the indoor living space. Even better? Large windows or French doors so you can enjoy the view even when you’re relaxing inside.
  • Convenient laundry. Having the washer and dryer near the bedroom and main bathroom means less distance to carry the laundry basket. At the very least, look for laundry hookups on the main floor of the house, rather than in the basement or garage.

5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Homes Value

  • Start Outside

What’s the first thing buyers see when they drive up to your home? Your lawn and front door, and they make more of an impression than you might imagine. If your lawn is a mess, your door needs some paint, and your house is dirty, the first thing you do is get it all cleaned up. You’re not going to spend thousands on elaborate landscaping, but you might be surprised just how much of a difference a freshly mowed lawn and some brand-new mulch in the flower beds make.

  • Move it Indoors

Paint is everything in a home. You can have your home any color you want but if you choose to sell and want to increase the value of your home, you’re going to add value by adding a nice, neutral paint color to every wall. No more personal colors in bedrooms, no more accent walls, and no more old, dirty paint. Even if your paint is only a few years old, you will make a big difference in the overall value with a fresh coat.

  • Upgrade the Fixtures

Next is the fixtures. It’s time for new door knobs, light fixtures, and faucets in the kitchen and bath. Cabinet and drawer pulls are also important, and every one of these very small details makes a very large difference. You can upgrade these for next to nothing while seeing a significant improvement on the value of your home.

  • Fix Any Small Issues

If you want to add value to your home, it’s time to fix the small issues. If you have a leaking faucet, get it fixed. If the air conditioner makes a funny noise when it runs, call the home warranty company and ask them to come out and take a look. If it’s broken, they’ll replace it. If it’s fixable, you just got rid of that pesky noise and increased the overall value of your home in the eyes of buyers. Small issues are some of the biggest issues. Repair any little dings or holes in the walls, fix any broken baseboards, and repair anything that’s not quite perfect. These little things add up substantially.

  • Clean it Up

Finally, it’s time to clean your house. Hire a professional to come in and clean every single nook and cranny. You’re not tidying up for dinner guests anymore. You’re cleaning cabinets, drawers, walls, floorboards, ground, baseboards, trim, and everything in between. You might not think a home that’s clean is worth more, but you’d be surprised. If your sparkling clean house is for sale for the same price as another house down the street that’s almost identical but isn’t spotless and has a lower asking price, people will want your home. Even if it’s more money, it’s less work for them and it’s cleaner.

A house is an investment, and that’s why it’s imperative you do what you can to increase the value of your home without spending much money. It’s not always expensive upgrades and renovations that add a few extra dollars to the overall cost of your home. Sometimes it’s small, easily forgettable details that make the biggest difference to a buyer.

9 Landscaping Projects to Improve Resale

  • Keep the Lawn Well-Manicured

  • Keep Your Yard Weed Free

  • Add Flower Pots Near Your Front Door

  • Add Outdoor lighting

  • Install Curbing/Edging

  • Hire a Lawn or Pest Control Company

  • Create Outdoor Living Areas

  • Replace or Update Fencing

  • Hire a Professional Landscaper



Feel More Secure In Your Home With These Tips

Buy a small home safe that you can use to keep your valuables in. You would hate for your expensive jewelry, personal family belongings, etc. to be stolen in case a burglar breaks into your home. The safe should be kept hidden in a basement or attic.

  • Change the locks.
  • Use timers on your lights.
  • Buy a home security system even if you don’t use their service. The sirens and alarms will be enough to deter criminals.
  • Don’t open the door if you don’t know who’s on the other side…no matter what.
  • Only allow maids and repair services to have a key to your home.



* 19005 Serenity Point Lane 18, Cornelius, NC 28031
* 3 Bed/ 2.5 Bath/ 3480 Square Feet
* Offered at $650,000

Have more questions or interest? Call: 704-439-5300

Wow Custom home! Walk into a true “foyer room” to greet your guests before entering the home w/french doors. The home was built around a private courtyard w/fountain where the homes windows surround the area to allow for natural light into the home. Harmonious Open floor plan.Dramatic vaulted ceilings. Stepped fireplace btwn LR & DR w/a windowed cupola overhead for natural light. A gallery circulation area allows for photos, paintings or sculptures.Screened Porch off a fantastic Kitchen. Large yard.

Davidson Holds Downtown Catalyst Workshops

Attendees will sit at tables and a discussion will be facilitated by town staff, members of the Davidson Board of Commissioners, and the Development Finance Initiative team. Space is limited, so those interested are encouraged to register for a session on the town’s website at Those not registered will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Town of Davidson is working to satisfy a number of citizen needs — based on responses to our citizen surveys over the years and stakeholders meetings over the past



Here’s some pretty interesting stats I just pulled up from our MLS: There were 2,345 homes that sold in March with an average of 28 days on the market.

They sold at 96.8% of their list price!! Here’s a link sshowing those statistics.